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In the Studio Update

So, right now I'm working on 2 new oil paintings. I have just over 2 weeks to get them completed because I'm going to enter them and "Madame Papillon" into a juried art exhibition at the Pensacola Museum of Art. Squee!!! I really do hope that at least one of them is accepted, fingers crossed.

I have one painting on an easel with a hair dryer blowing on it as my drying station (it's starting to get a bit warm in here) while I work on the other painting. I've been using my Liquin Original as much as possible to help my oils dry faster, because oils dry very slowly. Some colors, like alizarin crimson dry very, very slowly. It's such a beautiful color though that I cant help but use it, but luckily, it also has such a strong tinting strength that I can get away with adding a lot of Liquin.

Submissions are due by March 8th so I'm going to hold off on editing and posting new videos until after these two are finished. I want to focus on them as much as possible and hopefully I can have them finished in time to submit them.

If you want to see behind the scenes videos, you can join me on Patreon. I also post progress photos on Instagram and when this painting is finished you'll be able to watch the speed painting video of the entire process. The slowed down version will be made available to my patrons on Patreon. Toodles!