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Adventures in Surface Pattern Design!

I know, I know. I am the worst blogger ever. I get so focused on what I'm doing that I forget to look up and reach out to engage with others. I don't just do that with blogging, it's pretty much just how I am. My closest friends pretty much just adopted me and 95% of the time, they're the ones who call me. Of course I think about calling them, it's just at totally inappropriate times, like, midnight.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone has noticed that Shanna hasn't been doing a whole lot of oil paintings lately. I kind of burnt myself out. I love to paint, and oil paint is still one of my most favorite mediums, but, it takes so damn long to dry. The process of filling an entire canvas takes me weeks. I can't just save and quit and pick up where I left off the next day, I have to hyperfocus on it for hours until I'm completely exhausted.

I decided to take a break from it and brush up on my watercolor skills for a little while. I really enjoy the instant gratification that comes with water colors. They dry so quickly and I really love the gradients and transparencies you can achieve. So, while I was improving my watercolor painting, I discovered that I can do so much more with all the little elements I was creating. I discovered Surface Pattern Design and I've been hooked.

I decided to take what I've painted and turn it into a complete 30 print pattern collection. Right now I have merchandise available in my Society6 shop and soon you'll be able to purchase fabric in my Spoonflower shop. I rounded it all off with a look book I created and published on Issuu. I've been thinking about listing some printable downloads on Etsy, but, I haven't decided yet.

Check it out and let me know what you think!