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Octo and Butterfly Progress #2

I made a lot of progress on my octo painting this week and now I have to wait for the paint to dry before I can add more layers. Booooring. I'm stuck between working on the other octo or building a storage rack for my art. Maybe that'll be this weekend's project? Who knows.

Anywho, here are some shots I took throughout the process.

Here, I'm working on the background. I painted the shadowed area of the rocks and where they would cast a shadow on the water using black and burnt umber with my mixing medium concoction. I prefer to just lay down my colors in the area they need to be before blending it all together. You'll see more of that technique later.

Once I got my shadows in place, I started filling in the midtones using burnt umber mixed with some yellow ochre. Once I got my colors on the canvas I proceeded to blend the areas together. I added some titanium white to my midtone color and used that to make my water reflections. I didnt blend the reflections as much as I did the rocks because water refracts light more when its moving.

After the rocks were finished, I started putting in my shadow tones on the octopus using a mixture of phalo blue and alizarin crimson (a lizard in crimson). I acidently put shadows on the top left of the octo's head. Oops! Thats where the lights supposed to be hitting her.

Once the shadows were in place I lightened up my color gradually by adding more and more titanium white and my mixing medium and working from dark to light. Here you can see how I put my colors down before blending them. It looks like a hot mess right now, but I promise you it'll work out.

See! I've got the head blended together and around the eyes. Its tricky remembering to wipe my brush off between strokes so I don't drag the dark tones into the lighter ones.

And there she is, all blended out. I also added in some reflections underneath her and painted in some of her hidded tentacles since you'll see a little bit of them through the water. Once shes dry I'll be able to go back and add more contrast by darkening the shadows and punching up the highlights.

I ordered some Liquin, a medium that gives the paint more plasticity and makes it dry much faster. Like, dry in 24 hours faster. Once I start using that I wont have to wait several days for the paint to dry. Yay, more painting!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll have more progress shots by next Wednesday. Toodles!