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Current WIP (work in progress)

After I got my underpainting done, my entire family decided to get a stomach virus. yay. Finally, after an unnecessary week long dry time, I've started painting in the background of my Octo and Butterfly.

Here is the underpainting. This type of underpainting is called a grisaille (gree-zai). Instead of worrying about what color goes where, I just focus on the dark and the light and glaze colors over it.

Here I painted in the sky using the wet into wet method, which is pretty self explanatory. Oils stay wet for hours, days and sometimes weeks which make blending really easy to do. I thin my paint down with a mixture of lindseed oil, odorless thinner and a bit of cobalt dryer to speed up the dry time. This gives the paint a nice fluidity and a slight transparency so my grisaille isnt totally lost.

After painting the sky, I moved on to the water, again, thinning my paint with the same mixture and working from dark to light to build up perception. I'm not putting the grisaille to its full use, as I'm still new to this technique and need more practice. Technically, a grisaille is a sepia tone of the entire painting over which you add very transparent glazes of color, building up with layers which add more depth. I plan to use it more once I start to paint my subject as thats where most of the grisaille is.

You can see the effects of glazing over grisaille at the bottom of the painting. I like the effect it gives and I plan to use it more in my future paintings.

I'll post some more progress shots as I continue to work on this piece and give more insight to my process. I hope you enjoy!

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