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About Shanna Lene` Hattaway

I'm an artist and freelance illustrator currently living in the Pensacola Florida area. I started my artist career in 2012 while exploring my creativity through mural painting.


After moving to Northwest Florida from New Orleans Louisiana in 2015, I focused more on fine art painting, first with acrylics and then with oil paint.

In 2017, while taking a break from fine art paintings, I began experimenting with watercolor painting. I'd enjoyed watercolor immensely in high school and find it deeply satisfying on a creative level. I used my work to create a 30 piece surface pattern collection, which you can view here

I then resumed my focus of fine art oil painting and had my first art exhibition at the Pensacola Museum of Art in spring 2018. 

I am incredibly honored to have been a part of this exhibition, I realized that I wanted my art to do more than just hang on walls. I want it to be a part of people's everyday lives. 

I began exploring other options, first with my oil paintings and then with my watercolor illustrations. I again felt the magic that you feel when you find a medium that allows you to channel your creativity so perfectly. That allows you to bring stories, emotions and feelings to life as if you are just a conduit from the cosmos to the world. 

I've learned a lot while working with this medium and want to share my knowledge with others. I changed my "monthly drawing tutorial" offer on Patreon to a "monthly livestream watercolor illustration class" that is open to the public. We learn about different tools and techniques that my viewers can then take back and apply to their own artwork.

In addition to teaching others, I'm also seeking out ways to apply my work in a more commercial aspect such as book cover design, children's book illustration and magazine editorials.